Birds’ Nest Orphanage, Lebanon

SOS Idjevan and Kotayk, Orran, and Pkrtyun

Warm Hearth 3rd Village, Arinj, and JAG, Kharberd, Gavar, and Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Families of Fallen Soldiers

New Transitional Center windows

New windows for the SOAR Transitional Center kitchen and large room, funded by the Gulamerian Fund


Tools for the new woodshop at Kharberd purchased with the donation from Dareh Poghosean


Translation of gratitude letter:

The directorate of Kharberd orphanage expresses it’s sincere gratitude for donation of the following craft supplies.
  1. abrasive hand tool-1 unit
  2. random orbit sander – 1 unit
  3. hammer driver drill-1 unit
  4. electric chain saw -1 unit
Director of the orphanage- Balasanyan
Tools fornew Kharberd woodshop
Beginning of renovations at the SOAR Transitional Center

Beginning of renovations of the SOAR Transitional Center basement, funded by the Norman K. Miller Charitable Fund and the Gulamerian Fund

Bathroom renovations at Our Lady of Armenia-Tashir, funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Fund, the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and SOAR

OLA-Tashir bathroom renovations-beginning
Diapers and baby milk for Nork Orphanage

Diapers (117 boxes) and Humana baby milk (2 boxes) were purchased for Nork Orphanage thanks to funds raised by SOAR Phoenix!


Music therapy at Nork Orphanage through the Music Therapy Program

Transitional Center girls have meeting with psychologist

A Gulamerian Fund project, the Tranitional Center girls meet with a psychologist to discuss all the current situations that can cause stress. This meeting they discussed the Artsakh war and everything related to it.

Bathroom renovations at Warm Hearth, funded by SOAR Jacksonville and the Gulamerian Fund


Children at Yerevan Children’s Home (Nork), participate in the Music Therapy Project

Classroom Renovations Funded in Honor of Louis and Yolanda Mazzola by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund and SOAR

Renovations of classrooms at Nubarashen