A Project Cure sea container to Armenia!

A Project Cure sea container to Armenia
Mer Hooys Excursion

An excursion to Tsaghkadzor Square, Ropeway for the young ladies at Mer Hooys funded by SOAR Philadelphia!

Demolition of the barn at the SOAR Transitional Center

Demolition of the barn at the SOAR Transitional Center
Javakh Summer Camp

SOAR London sent funds for Javakh summer camp


A music therapy concert at Children’s Home of Yerevan.

The children and directors of Kharberd, Mari Izmiryan, and Sisters of Charity in Yerevan were all invited.

SOAR served ice cream, sweets and cakes to the children after the concert.

Music Therapy Concert in Yerevan

June 1st Celebrations!

Celebration at the new SOAR Families of Fallen Soldiers Support Center

More Celebrations for Families of Fallen Soldiers

Vardashen Last Bell Celebration

“Last Bell” celebration at Vardashen!

Thank you letter translation:

It has become a tradition for VardashenNumber 1 Boarding School children to have support from SOAR for their Last Bell event.. 
On behalf of the institution director, staff , children and their parents we express our gratitude for this support. 
Thank You 

Students working with instructors at the new woodshop at Kharberd funded by the Gulamerian Fund  

Working away at the new Kharberd Woodshop

Renovations of the SOAR Transitional Center basement and new furniture, funded by the Norman K. Miller Charitable Fund and the Gulamerian Fund


Bathroom renovations at Nork Orphanage

Renovation of the bathroom at Nork Orphanage funded by SOAR and the Gulamerian Fund

Distribution of items from Project Cure shipment

3rd floor bathroom renovations at Warm Hearth

Renovations of the 3rd floor bathroom at Warm Hearth funded by SOAR Fresno and the Gulamerian Fund

Equipment for the special needs children at Children’s Home Gyumri funded by SOAR Dallas. Below is the list of items received:

Chair for bathroom, 2 pieces
Toilet-chair, 1 piece
Body mass analyzer, 1 piece
Relief pillow for wheelchair, 1 piece
Pillow for wheelchair with protrusions, 2 pieces
Orthopedic pillow, 2 pieces
Pillow collar, 2 pieces
Wrist brace, 2 pieces
Germicidal UV light, 1 piece
Stroller for children with Cerebral Palsy, 2 pieces
Massage device, 2 pieces
Massage device for head, 2 pieces
Wooden massage device with rubber wheels, 1 piece
Circle for bedsores, 2 pieces
Pulse oximeter, 2 pieces
Children’s stroller, 1 piece
Balancing disk, 2 pieces
Sterilizer / warmer, 2 pieces
Walking device for children with Cerebral Palsy, 1 piece
Wooden logic, developing games, 5 pieces
Swimming cap, 11 pieces
Big ball with handle, 2 pieces
Small ball, 10 pieces
Music games, 3 pieces
Pyramid ring, 5 pieces

Equipment for Children's Home Gyumri
Kharberd wood shop projects under way

Projects are under way at the new Kharberd Wood Shop funded by the Gulamerian Fund

Diapers for Dzorak and a thank you letter:

Dzorak Center on behalf of acting director M.Tosunyan  expresses their deep gratitude to SOAR London chapter for 20 boxes (600 unit) diapers donated to the residents.

Diapers for Dzorak from SOAR London
Computer class certificates for the Transitional Center girls!

Certificates for all the girls at the Transitional Center for their computer courses!

50 boxes of needed medications for Children’s Home, Gyumri

medication for Children's Home Gyumri
Computer lab and equipment at Mer Hooys

Final touches for a computer lab at Mer Hooys and additional equipment, funded by the Gulamerian Fund

The Transitional Center garden has been renovated, thanks to the SOAR New Jersey Juniors!


Excurion for Artsakh children at SOS Kotayk

The Artsakh children at SOS Kotayk took an excursion to the Citizen Entertainment Center.

Completion of garage, and camp renovations at Our Lady of Armenia-Tashir, funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Fund, the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund


Birds’ Nest Orphanage, Lebanon

SOS Idjevan and Kotayk, Orran, Pkrtyun, Children’s Home of Gyumri, and Boarding School #2 of Fridtjof Nansen

Children’s Home of Gyumri

Warm Hearth 3rd Village, Arinj, and JAG, Kharberd, Gavar, Our Lady of Armenia Center, and Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Our Lady of Armenia Center

Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Families of Fallen Soldiers

New Transitional Center windows

New windows for the SOAR Transitional Center kitchen and large room, funded by the Gulamerian Fund


Tools for the new woodshop at Kharberd purchased with the donation from Dareh Poghosean


Translation of gratitude letter:

The directorate of Kharberd orphanage expresses it’s sincere gratitude for donation of the following craft supplies.
  1. abrasive hand tool-1 unit
  2. random orbit sander – 1 unit
  3. hammer driver drill-1 unit
  4. electric chain saw -1 unit
Director of the orphanage- Balasanyan
Tools fornew Kharberd woodshop

Diapers (117 boxes) and Humana baby milk (2 boxes) were purchased for Nork Orphanage thanks to funds raised by SOAR Phoenix!

Diapers and baby milk for Nork Orphanage


Music therapy at Nork Orphanage through the Music Therapy Program

Transitional Center girls have meeting with psychologist

A Gulamerian Fund project, the Tranitional Center girls meet with a psychologist to discuss all the current situations that can cause stress. This meeting they discussed the Artsakh war and everything related to it.

Bathroom renovations at Warm Hearth, funded by SOAR Jacksonville and the Gulamerian Fund


Children at Yerevan Children’s Home (Nork), participate in the Music Therapy Project

Classroom Renovations Funded in Honor of Louis and Yolanda Mazzola by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund and SOAR

Renovations of classrooms at Nubarashen