Music therapy is the clinical and evidenced-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. It consists of using music therapeutically to address physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral, and/or social functioning. Music therapists engages children in singing, listening, movement, musical play, song writing, and other creative interventions that help them overcome a variety of cognitive, social, developmental, and neurological stressors. Music therapists can be an integral component in helping children and adults with special needs attain educational goals and addressing development in cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional, and social skills. Music therapy involvement can stimulate attention and increase motivation to participate more fully in other aspects of the educational setting. SOAR’s Music Therapy Program began in 2019 and provides the special needs children at Children’s Home of Gyumri, Kharberd Orphanage, and Nork Orphanage with a unique variety of music experiences to facilitate development of their cognitive, communication, neurodevelopmental, social/emotional, sensory-motor, and cognitive skills. The Music Therapy Program is funded by the Jirair S. and Elizabeth Hovnanian Foundation.


February 2023

Music created during Music Therapy sessions.

December 2022

Music therapy sessions at Sisters of Charity Bethlehem and Spitak

Music therapy at Sisters of Charity Orphanages

December, 2021

On the 25th of December our music therapy teacher held a presentation to show the work of the children. SOAR also provided treats.

October 1, 2021

“Side by Side” Inclusive Music & Arts Festival

Children in the SOAR Music Therapy Program participated in this festival alongside well-known artists and musicians!

Hovhannes Tumanyan Puppet Theatre of Yerevan, 4 Sayat-Nova Ave, Yerevan 0009, Armenia.

June 2021

A music therapy concert at Children’s Home of Yerevan.

The children and directors of Kharberd, Mari Izmiryan, and Sisters of Charity in Yerevan were all invited.

SOAR served ice cream, sweets and cakes to the children after the concert.

Music Therapy Concert in Yerevan

March 2021

More music therapy sessions at Nork Orphanage

Music therapy session at Nork Orphanage

Music Therapy Project at Mari Izmirlyan and Kharberd

The Music Therapy Project at Mari Izmirlyan and Kharberd