SOAR’s Transitional Center is the first of its kind in Gyumri – a residential setting for older teenage girls who have outgrown the traditional orphanage but who are not yet ready for independent living.  At our new Center, these young women will go to college; cultivate a business; be enriched by our academic programs; appreciate volunteerism; learn essential life skills, including home and money management; build self-nurturance and self-confidence; and prepare themselves for emotional, fiscal, and professional independence.  We look forward to our first graduating class!

Meet Our Girls

Liana U.

Astghik M.

Sima M.

Tehmine A.

October 2020

The HERA France Association awarded the SOAR Transitional Center a grant to purchase equipment for their new business venture!

The girls at the Transitional Center are helping with Artsakh relief however they can. From distributing hygiene supplies, to making camouflage nets, they are an inspiration to us all!

August 2020

Astghik and Liana  assisted the sisters of Our lady of Armenia Center with the 3rd round of food distributions to the OLA families

July 2020

Birthday celebration for Tehmine at the SOAR Transitional Center

A birthday celebration for Tehmine!

A meeting with all the girls…including a new resident, Tehmine Aslanyan!

All the TC girls!

June 2020

Bikes for the girls from SOAR Zurich!

April 2020

Celebrating Ani's birthday!

Celebrating Ani’s birthday!

The girls take time to work in their garden, and take virtual classes during the Covid19 shelter in place

January 2020

SOAR Transitional Center Garden

The Gulamerian Fund is the major contributor to the SOAR Transitional Center.

The girls there believe the environment is the driving force for creating beauty! Along with the spring in the SOAR Transitional center, they have started gardening activities: cleaning the dried leaves, cutting branches! Keeping their home clean and tidy, they are creating a pleasant area full of interesting and useful ideas…

Grand Opening, December 2019

Transitional Center opening ceremony