SOAR - Dallas Chapter

SOAR-Dallas became part of the SOAR family in April 2015. Armenians first arrived in North Texas in the 1890s. Today, the community of approximately 2,000 Armenians is galvanized by St. Sarkis Armenian Orthodoz Church, which offers Sunday services and hosting a variety of community events.


Kristine Ratevosyan

Kristine Ratevosyan was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. She moved to America eleven years ago, and is currently in school getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at the University of North Texas. Kristine is involved in many non-profit organizations in the DFW area such as Children’s Advocacy Center, Habitat for Humanity, Minnie’s Food Pantry, Frisco Family Services, Dallas Furniture Bank, and FMSC. She is also an active member in St. Sarkis Armenian Orthodox Church in Carrollton, on the board of ACYOA, and an active volunteer or ArmeniaFest. Her passion is working with children and giving back to the community.

Rita Katanjian
Vice President

As a Dallas native, Rita Katanjian is currently attending the University of North Texas to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in chemistry, and is pursuing a career as a Veterinarian. She has been a member of the Saint Sarkis Armenian Church for most of her life, and as an active ACYOA member, she has spent time giving back to her community through volunteer work.Rita has been working in the field of veterinary medicine for 5 years, and is currently employed as an emergency veterinary technician at one of the largest veterinary emergency hospitals the Dallas metroplex. In her spare time, she competitively rides horses for the University of North Texas team, fosters orphaned kittens, and serves on multiple committees at her school and at the church, including the EBoard of UNT, serving as treasurer for UNT’s equestrian team, and the Dallas Sports Weekend Committee. Rita owns 4 cats named Squirrel, Sterling, Shiner and Opal, and a crayfish named Admiral.

Shant Aghyarian

Shant received his BS in Chemistry from the Armenian University of Beirut in 2011 with minors in Philosophy and Biomedical Engineering. He moved to Dallas shortly thereafter and completed his MS and PhD work in Biomedical Engineering in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Shant has been involved with volunteer work with the Armenian youth in Lebanon and in Dallas. He is involved in the Armenian community in Dallas and likes to spend his free time giving back to his community.

Vatche Kaftajian

Vatche Kaftajian has been a member of St. Sarkis Armenian Church in Dallas, Texas since he was young. In recent years, Vatche assisted in revitalizing the ACYOA Dallas Chapter and create engagement with the community. He has attended leadership conferences, chapter workshops, and general assemblies, as well as helping with Habitat for Humanity and Feed My Starving ChildrenVatche is currently serving as the Recording Secretary of the Dallas chapter.

Vatche has been working as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for 11 years and is the Lead Clinical Technician at his current job. He holds two designations, CPhT and CSPT, as well as State and National licenses. He has experience in retail, dialysis, geriatric rehabilitation, medication therapy management and student health at Texas State University. He plans to return to school and earn his PharmD to be a Pharmacist.

In his spare time, Vatche likes to spend time with his dog Jack, gaming, paintballing and going out with friends.

Armine Poghosyan

Armine was born in Armenia and spent her life in the capital city of her country, Yerevan. There she got her undergraduate degree in Mathematical Methods and Modeling in Economics from the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE). After completing her undergraduate degree, Armine obtained admission in the Master’s program in two different universities in Armenia. She spent the next year studying International Economic Relations at ASUE and Agribusiness and Marketing at Agribusiness Teaching Center. Both of the institutions are the best in their field. While pursuing her Master’s degree, she was lucky to travel to Berlin, Germany to do volunteering in the sphere of Agriculture and get involved with their educational system, cultural differences, and outdoor activities. This experience allowed her to be involved in a global program, to understand the trend and issues people face in different countries. After finishing a year of the Master’s program in Armenia, Armine obtained admission in the Master’s program in Agricultural Sciences at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Being a first-year graduate student, she was fortunate to travel to the Ukraine in the scope of the study abroad program where her knowledge of Russian helped her to communicate with Ukrainians and learn more about their social and cultural values. This was an incredible experience. Throughout her education, Armine gathers experience from different institutions; she was able to learn from various teaching styles and methods all over the globe. Currently, she is seeking full-time and part-time jobs that will allow her to use her knowledge in the field.

Armine is fluent in Armenian, English, and Russian.