New water heater for OLA

A new water heater for Our Lady of Armenia Center funded by SOAR La Cañada

Residents at Kharberd had their annual retreat at Sevan

Food for Birds' Nest Orphanage in Lebanon

Food for Birds’ Nest Orphanage


Continuing work on the wood shop at Kharberd, funded by SOAR Boston and the Gulamerian Fund

Continuing work at the wood shop at Kharberd

Multiple food distributions to Our Lady of Armenia, Gyumri families

Bookshelves and shoe closets for OLA Kanaker, funded by the Gulamerian Fund

Bookshelves and shoe closet for OLA Kanaker
Warm Hearth Art Therapy Room

A newly renovated Art Therapy room for Warm Hearth funded by SOAR Los Angeles

Bathroom renovations at Our Lady of Armenia-Tashir funded by the Gulamerian Fund and the Hilton Fund

Bathroom renovations at OLA Tashir


Diapers for Kharberd and Dzorak

Diapers for Kharberd and Dzorak, funded by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

Another food distribution for the families of Our Lady of Armenia – Tashir

Food distribution to Orran families

Food distribution to Orran families

Food for OLA families

Since the COVID-19 lockdown in Armenia, dozens of orphans and vulnerable children are no longer able to receive care and services through OLA. In fact, social orphans were ordered by the government to return to their food-insecure families who live in extreme poverty.

No longer receiving institutional care, OLA has instead been delivering food on a weekly basis to the children and their families. While previously OLA was responsible for feeding only the children, they are now providing enough food for 275 members of 55 families.

Food distribution for OLA families
Four boxes of clothing for Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Four boxes of clothing for Gyumri Social Childcare Center children and their families, from SOAR Las Vegas

Pizza ovens for Our Lady of Armenia Center, funded by SOAR San Francisco Bay Area

Pizza Ovens for OLA


A container of essentials including diapers

A container with essentials including diapers for SOAR supported facilities

Jirair S. and Elizabeth Hovnanian Foundation funded the Music Therapy Project at Mari Izmirlyan and Kharberd

Music Therapy Project at Mari Izmirlyan and Kharberd

New bicycles for SOAR Transitional Center girls, funded by SOAR Zurich and the Gulamerian Fund


Renovations in two classrooms and a speech therapy room at Nubarashen, funded by SOAR and the Detroit Armenian Women’s Club. Carol Palaian, SOAR Detroit’s Chapter President, is also the president of this club.

Renovations at Nubarashen


A thank you letter from Kharberd for providing them with medical supplies needed due to Covid19:

To SOAR founder, George Yacoubian,
“Kharberd Specialized Orphanage” SNCO once more would like to express their gratitude to SOAR for providing needed support.  This time with hygiene supplies/medical gloves, clothing, oxygen masks, oxygen concentrations, special beds/and other protective supplies! It is a challenge to combat the pandemic, COVID 19, but your support has made our job much easier!
We hope that you are safe and America will overcome this difficult situation in the near future!
Director H. Balasanyan
Kharberd Orphanage medical supplies for Covid19

Thanks to our generous supporters, SOAR was able to send funds to Birds’ Nest Orphanage. They had additional needs and decreased resources due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The kids were so excited that they were able to make cookies for Easter!


Beginning of roof repairs at Gyumri Social Childcare Center funded by SOAR Dallas and SOAR Portland (OR)

Beginning of GSCC Roof Repairs

Construction for a wood shop at Kharberd funded by the Gulamerian Fund that began in March


Six months of carpet weaving classes for the girls at Naghasyan Children’s Support Center (formerly Mer Hooys) funded by the Gulamerian Fund

Carpet weaving classes for girls at Naghasyan Children’s Support Center (formerly Mer Hooys)
New windows for Warm Hearth

New windows for Warm Hearth, funded by SOAR Philadelphia and SOAR London


A new playground for Nubarashen

A new playground at Nubarashen funded by SOAR Las Vegas

Sport shoes for children at OLA-Tashir, funded by SOAR Zurich

Sport shoes OLA Tashir
New furniture for Gavar

30 chairs and 16 pieces of soft furniture for the rooms at Gavar, funded by the Gulamerian Fund