SOAR assists the orphanages of Armenia through 3 primary mechanisms. First, we work with for-profit corporations to provide donations of specific products. These goods are then shipped by SOAR to Armenia, at which point our Partners receive the goods and make the appropriate distributions.

Second, we receive new and used goods from donors and ship them to Armenia. Our Partners in Armenia receive the goods and make the appropriate distributions.

Third, we receive cash donations, from individual donors and from foundations, to purchase goods and services for the orphanages. Some of these products may need to be purchased outside of Armenia and shipped to our Partners. It is our hope, however, that most of the goods and services can be purchased in Armenia. This method of procurement will serve the dual role of satisfying the orphanages’ needs while simultaneously providing a much needed boost to the Armenian economy. Our Partners are responsible for either receiving goods purchased by SOAR or procuring the items and services for SOAR and subsequently making the distributions.

Distributions in 2020

Distributions in 2019

Distributions in 2018

Photos of distributions prior to 2018 are available by contacting us at info@soar-us.org


SOAR has a strict quality control protocol to assure that all donations, in their entirety, reach the intended recipients. This protocol has six primary elements:

    1. SOAR rarely makes cash distributions directly to the RCI directors. Rather, goods and services that can be procured in Armenia are purchased by SOAR staff and distributed directly to the institutions.  Donations from the Armenian diaspora that can be hand-delivered directly are encouraged.
    2. SOAR implements chain-of-custody procedures for all distributed goods or services, providing assurance that these items have been received by the orphanages in the exact quantity intended. These procedures have three steps:
      • SOAR staff sign for the shipments and/or attest to the type and quantity of goods or services procured. This invoice includes an exact description of the type and quantity of goods and services.
      • The RCI director signs this same invoice, indicating that the exact type and quantity of goods and services received is the quantity indicated.
      • Both invoices are retained by SOAR staff.
    3. SOAR staff, Partners, and in-country Chapter members make random inspections of the RCI.  Any distribution discrepancies are to be reported immediately to SOAR’s Executive Board Chairman.
    4. When possible, donations provided by SOAR are engraved and/or stamped with a corporate seal. Capital projects are acknowledged with a plaque and/or dedication ceremony.
    5. A zero-tolerance policy for fraud, theft, and/or deception is imposed.  Any malfeasance would result in the termination of assistance.
    6. SOAR utilizes Microsoft Planner, which allows SOAR to retain all receipts, pictures, and internal documents for all projects.