See how your sponsorship funds are put to use! Below are some of the highlights from 2020.

If you would like to see pictures from previous years, contact SOAR at info@soar-us.org.

If you would like to send a letter or special gift to the individual you sponsor (Armenia only), please mail to:

Hripsime Muradyan
19/1 Tbilissi Blvd, 052
Yerevan (Kanaker), Armenia

Child Sponsorships


The Gharabekyan sisters were able to go Christmas shopping with with the special funds sent by their sponsor

Gharabekyan sisters Christmas shopping
Daron Bedrosyan visit with Mkrtchyan sisters at Orran

Daron Bedrosyan made a visit to his sponsored family, the Mkrtchyan sisters, bringing them gifts.

It is always exciting when a sponsor is able to meet their sponsored child/family! 

Next shipment of medicated creams and shampoos for Mari Hakobyan


Ruben Vardanyan from Mari Izmirlian orphanage had his second surgery done!

Ruben Vardanyan from Mari Izmirlian Orphanage had his second eye surgery done!

Medical Update

SOAR supplied the implants needed for Satenik Abrahamyan of Mari Izmirlyan so she could have the surgeries she needed in order to have the chance of being able to walk again!

Mushegh Mashinyan underwent his another successful surgical procedure. He was born with a maxillofacial deformity and was unable to even eat properly. After his first procedure, Mushegh signed up for classes at the University! Before, he would have never felt confident enough to do this.

Mushegh next surgical procedure

Sponsored children at Gyumri Social Childcare Center were able to get much needed clothing and shoes for the upcoming school year!


Since September 2019 the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) Foundation has been sponsoring Vanadzor Orphanage girls Nune Papyan, Sabina Manvelyan, Kristina Matosyan, Meline Simonyan and Inna Aghabekyan for getting private tutoring classes in Russian language and Literature and Armenian language to be able to pass the exams required for entering Vanadzor State University. The private classes were completed on June 30, 2020 and the girls took their University exams.

The tutoring classes were possible to be organized due to the generous donation of SOAR supporters who paid 1 626 020 AMD for the whole course of the private classes attended by the girls.

As a result Nune Papyan and Inna Aghabekyan entered the Department of  Social Pedagogy of Vanadzor State University Pedagogical Faculty and Sabina Manvelyan, Kristina Matosyan and Meline Simonyan are planning to enter the Department of Russian language and literature  of the Philology Faculty of the same University on distance learning basis.

With the support of SOAR Foundation Siranush Abelyan from Vanadzor Orphanage took private classes of English language in 2019 and now she is a second year student of the Department of Foreign languages at Vanadzor State University.

Graduation for girls at Vanadzor
Furniture for Argam of OLA Tashir

Argam from OLA  Tashir is legally blind. His father abandoned the family after Argam’s health issues began and has been a part of the SOAR Sponsorship Fund. His family was finally able to leave their small apartment, which lacked basic needs, and purchased a home. The family had no furniture or appliances. Through the Sponsorship Fund, furniture, cabinets, a stove and washer were purchased for the family. Argam has never had a bed before, but he is sleeping well now!


Renovation of the bathroom for Hovhannes Ghazaryan of Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Renovation of bathroom for Hovhannes Ghazaryan
Food distribution to Orran families

Food distribution for Orran families


Vardan Davtyan of GSCC received:
  1. Food package
  2. Shoes and slippers
  3. Hair cutting machine
  4. Mixer/blender
  5. Ball
  6. Bicycle
  7. and house sweeper..
Sponsorship update for Vardan Davtyan of GSCC

Lyova Avetisyan of GSCC received the following:

  1. Food Package
  2. clothing
  3. shoes
  4. bike
  5. ball
  6. dishes
  7. house sweeper
  8. washing powder
  9. water tap has been replaced…
Orran families were able to celebrate Children’s Day in Armenia due to a generous donation from SOAR Providence. They received bags of food and sweets.
See more images HERE
Orran families celebrating Children's Day in Armenia


Mher Yeghikyan's mother equipment for her culinary career

After completing her culinary courses, Mher Yeghikyan’s mother was not able to gain employment without the proper tools. SOAR purchased the equipment she needed to begin earning money for her family.

Armine Kafeschyan received supplies to begin working as a manicurist. Her grandmother’s health is deteriorating, and her grandfather has lost his job due to Covid19, so Armine is excited to be able to begin helping her family.
Armine Kafeschyan manicure supplies
Anahit Haytyan completed hairdressing courses

Anahit Haytyan graduated from her hairdressing courses and SOAR purchased the tools she needed to begin finding employment


Artyom Baghdasaryanwas provided with food and utility payments and Hovhannes Ghazaryan was provided with food
Mamikon Grigoryan of GSCC received a food package

Mamikon Grigoryan Of GSCC received a food package.

The Sargsyan family from Gyumri Social Childcare Center needed assistance because of the mother’s reduced work hours due to Covid 19. SOAR continues to assist with rent payments and financial assistance.
Sargsyan family of GSCC
Food packages for families of Orran children

Families of sponsored children at Orran received food packages


Last year we sent out a plea for Mushegh who needed life altering and life saving surgery to reconstruct his jaw and complete much needed dental repairs. He wore braces to help straighten his teeth, and they are now properly aligned. Mushegh is now able to eat normally for the first time in his life! They are now preparing for his next surgery, placing an implant to restore the jaw contour. He will be hospitalized for three days following the surgery.
Mushegh doctor visit 2nd surgery


Birthday celebration for Ala and Lala at Annie Bezikian Center

Sisters, Ala and Lala, at Annie Bezikian Center, had a birthday celebration with their friends!

Last December SOAR sent out an emergency plea for Satenik. A reconstructive surgery was needed to correct knee deformities on both her knees. The state did not cover the cost of the implants needed to perform the surgery.
With the generous response of our supporters, SOAR was able to fund the cost of the implants!
The first surgery on her right leg/knee has been performed, and she is currently recovering at MI.


Vanik care package

Vanik recently moved to Nansen boarding facility after Terchoonian Home closed. His sponsor sent him a care package containing a computer,clothes, books, sweets,and hygiene products!