See how your sponsorship funds are put to use! Below are some of the highlights from 2019.
If you would like to see pictures from previous years, contact SOAR at info@soar-us.org.

If you would like to send a letter or special gift to the individual you sponsor (Armenia only), please mail to:

Hripsime Muradyan
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Yerevan (Kanaker), Armenia

Child Sponsorships

December 2019

A note from Eduardo Toroyan of CDSSC:
Dear Sponsor,
I am happy to inform you about the progress on my studies.
I am attending the Day Care Center for children with disabilities and we organize different activities and looking forward to coming holidays.
Due to your support my mother paid the utilities / for gas heating/ and I will have a warm house during the winter months.
I will tell Santa to give health to all children and happiness to those people who helped me throughout these years… Thank You!
Hovhannes Ghazaryan of GSCC and his family received food
Food and clothing was purchased for Mehr Yeghikyan of GSCC and his family
Lilya, Hamik,and Levon Sargsyan received food, clothing, and rent for two months for their family
The Haytyan family received food for the holidays. This family is now thriving and the children have future aspirations
Mamikon Grigoryan from GSCC received clothing,shoes, and food
Lucine and Arevik from Gavar were able to get warm winter clothing and shoes

November 2019

Food was provided for the Saghatelyan family. The family is doing well! Mikayel the older brother is in the Army , Isahak is studying in college and crafting jewelry! Harutyun is attending “ Little Prince “ social center and participates in the healthy lifestyle program!

October 2019

The Tsaturyan family had been living in a small metal domik in very poor conditions. They have 3 young children and the father has health issues. SOAR purchased an apartment and the family now resides there in safe and comfortable conditions!
The Hovahnnisyan family lives in terrible conditions in a small cabin. There are nine members in the family, including one disabled child. They grow fruits and vegetables, selling them to help make ends meet! SOAR had given the family materials (8 tons of cement, reinforcement rods, and a sand machine), and they are doing their best to build a home on the adjacent land. The family is working very hard, but they need more help!
Agram continues to receive medical examinations through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund. Included in his last examination was a blood analysis and a genetic analysis in Yerevan!
The hope is that after the results are in, there can be further progress in helping him with his vision!

September 2019

Karine Antanosyan’s tuition payments to Yerevan State University was paid by The Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund
Through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund, lenses were provided for Ruben Karen Vardanyan of Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage for his congenital cataract surgery. It was successful, and Ruben was discharged from the hospital last week. He is also receiving his needed medications and makes hospital visits twice weekly for continued care. Another surgery is planned for November-December of this year for Ruben’s other eye.
Arpine went shopping for her school supplies , new shoes and clothing!

August 2019

Mushegh received life saving and life altering surgery to reconstruct his jaw and complete much needed dental repairs. He still wears braces, but his teeth have been straightened and properly aligned. He is able to eat normally and braces may come off in another month. One more surgery will be scheduled soon to complete reconstruction. Mushegh has also applied to begin studies at the technical college in September!
Hovhannes received a small refrigerator, medications and an exam for his grandmother, a doctor visit for Hovhannes, and a surprise birthday cake and gift for his birthday
Artyom Baghdasryan received a medical examination and the needed medications. Mamikon Grigoryan got a bed of his own!
SOAR continues to care for the health of children with diabetes providing their diabetic strips

July 2019

Marine  Baghdasaryan of Our Lady of Armenia Ani Bezekian Youth Center had a surgical procedure to remove a  cycst that had the potential of becoming cancerous.
SOAR Sponsorship Fund funded the tuition for several Hrant Dink students to attend summer camp

June 2019

Karen and Frida are both recuperating very well at Children’s Home Gyumri after they  had surgical procedures placing shunts to prevent a condition that was causing their skulls to expand too rapidly
The Mkrtchyan children of Gyumri Social Childcare Center (GSCC) are part of
the SOAR Sponsorship Fund.
The children had been reunited with their family, but were living in very poor and unsanitary conditions. There was no extra space for the children and they were all living in one space. To make matters worse, the roof was leaking!
Through the SOAR sponsorship Fund, renovations of their home were done!

May 2019

A house opening was held for the Grigoryan family on May 15th, Day of the Family in Armenia.
SOAR purchased a home for the family after their “domik” had been destroyed by fire.

View the article on the family HERE

Hovhannes Baroyan received a new bed. He also continues to take music lessons, even participating in national festivals with wonderful results!

Arsen Nerkararyan has “hemophelia a” which causes internal bleeding, usually to the joints. This is most common with severe hemophiliacs and can occur spontaneously (without evident trauma). If not treated promptly, joint bleeds can lead to permanent joint damage and disfigurement.

SOAR provided the medications Arsen needed when he suffered from a severe internal joint bleed.

Arpine K. from CDSSC received much needed new shoes, some seasonal clothing, and a bag. She also was having problems with her iPad charger, so that was replaced. SOAR also continues to pay for her monthly internet fees. Aroine has started English classes and SOAR will also be paying for her to attend summer camp in Tsakhgadzor this summer.

April 2019

Milena Grigorian and her family moved into their new home after having their “domik” ravaged by a fire

March 2019

Mariam Babayan had her cardioverter defibrillator implantation procedure done thanks to SOAR supporters!

New clothes and shoes for Grigoryan Mamikon of GSCC and his brother

The Mkrtchyan sisters of GSCC received new clothing and shoes

Artyom Baghdasaryan, Hovahnnes Baroyan, Hovhannes Ghazaryan, and Aida, Ani, and Gyulnara Arakelyan of GSCC all received new shoes and clothing

Ofelia continues to receive seasonal clothing. She has recently been hospitalized because of complications with her diabetes. She receives her monthly strips through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund.

Khanum was able to make the trip to Saint Petersburg with her parents for her annual eye treatments

February 2019

Postoperative checkups for Mushegh are conducted every two weeks. After the next appointment, a treatment course/orthodontist intervention will be organized. The next surgical procedure will then be scheduled. Mushegh has already experienced marked improvement; being able to eat properly, no longer snoring at night, and relief of other issues that prevented him from being able to sleep well at night.

January 2019

The Mkrtchyan family received food for the holidays!

GSCC sponsored children received food for the holidays. SOAR continues to provide assistance to these families with food, utility payments and basic needs for children…

Three children with diabetes continue to receive their needed monthly medications through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund.

Because of her special needs, Siranush Abelyan at Vanadzor needed individual lessons to prepare her for entrance into the Univeristy in September

Petros Tsatinyan from Vanadzor is able to continue with his culinary courses

Mushegh’s post surgical doctor visit!

The metal equipment was removed from his mouth that had been placed during surgery! The doctor was pleased with Mushegh’s progress and told him about mouth/chewing exercises! Now he is able to chew equally from both sides of his mouth! His next doctor visit will be the end of January and the next stage of surgery will be in two months!

Manvel Andriasyan continues to receive his diabetic test strips and music lessons