In the fall of 2020, Armenia and Azerbaijan were involved in a military conflict over the territory of Artsakh, an Armenian-populated enclave geographically situated in Azerbaijan. Armenian civilian and military casualties have been estimated at nearly 5,000. While the quantity of fallen soldiers is itself a tragedy, the war has had the secondary effect of leaving children fatherless and mothers and families without their primary breadwinner. In March 2020, SOAR created the Families of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (FFSRF) to assist the families of fallen Armenian service personnel by providing direct financial support and children’s enrichment assistance. The Fund aims to build strong, caring, and loving bonds with each family and to follow the widows and children through the years to assure that no children of fallen Armenian soldiers are ever institutionalized. We believe that the service and sacrifices made by fallen Armenian service personnel should never be taken for granted and, just as they have become our heroes, we help their families get past their obstacles and guide them through their darkest times.

Fallen Soldier Wall of Fame
Fallen Soldier Wall of Fame

SOAR’s Fallen Soldiers Support Center in Yerevan (Vagharshyan Street 24/6, Apt. 38) will serve as a non-residential facility that provides economic assistance, grief counseling, academic tutoring, job placement, and other support services to families of soldiers killed or severely injured in battle. The overarching goal of the Center is to offer compassionate and holistic support to spouses, children, and families grieving the death of an Armenian soldier killed or wounded in battle.

June 2022

June 1st celebration at the Center for Fallen Soldier Families

June 1st celebration at the SOAR Families of Fallen Soldiers Support Center
Training for wives of fallen soldiers at the new SOAR support center

December, 2021

The wives of fallen soldiers came to the Center for training. The main subjects covered were financial literacy, job seeking opportunities, and social media marketing skills.

October 2021

Several families met and discussed their ongoing needs, discussed their problems, possible achievements, and further goals. The meeting was also productive showing how they can learn from each other, sharing ideas and experiences and how they can support one another.

Families of Fallen Soldiers Center meeting

September 29,2021

In commemoration of the one -year anniversary of the beginning of the Artsakh War, SOAR held the grand opening of their Families of Fallen Soldiers Support Center in Yerevan. SOAR’s Executive Board Vice Chairman, Raffi Jehanian, attended the ceremony.

The first event at the new center...June 1st celebration for the children of our fallen soldier families!

SOAR Family of Fallen Soldier Center
Fallen Soldier Center