SOAR has mobilized our efforts to address the growing humanitarian crisis in the Artsakh region.

Remembering most importantly that SOAR is not a political organization but a humanitarian/charitable one, below are the efforts SOAR is pursuing to address the problems caused by the Artsakh conflict:

  • Orphaned Artsakh Children Relocated to Armenia: We are supporting children, families, and staff from the two Armenian orphanages in Artsakh who have been relocated to SOS Children’s Villages (Kotayk).
  • SOAR’s Families of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and Families of Fallen Soldiers Support Center: To assure that no children of fallen Armenian soldiers are ever institutionalized, SOAR provides financial and emotional support to the widows and children of Armenian soldiers killed and severely injured in battle.
  • Humanitarian Support: SOAR is providing food, clothing, medicine, and personal hygiene supplies for the non-institutionalized (civilian) population in Artsakh and for children and families displaced from Artsakh to Armenia.
  • Sea Container: In October 2020, SOAR funded a sea container of humanitarian supplies through Project Cure, and in November 2020, SOAR Madrid shipped a sea container filled with humanitarian supplies.
  • Protective Supplies: Raising funds to purchase supplies and protective equipment for front-line personnel.
  • Relocation Support: SOAR will provide assistance with relocation for families who wish to return to Artsakh or settle permanently in Armenia.

With the global pandemic, economic crisis in Lebanon, and now instability in Artsakh, it has been challenging times.
Thank you all for coming together again and staying true to our humanitarian mission.

See the impact of SOAR's relief efforts!

Displaced Artsakh families receive Assistance at SOS Village Kotayk

Families at SOS Village, Kotayk receiving assistance. The children have the opportunity to participate in the Art Therapy Program.

Help for families of fallen soldiers

Poghosyan family