SOAR - Warsaw Chapter

Warsaw joined the SOAR family in April 2018. Armenians in Poland have an important presence going back to the 14th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 6,000 Armenians in Poland, living mostly in what is today Western Ukraine, with centers in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Berezhany, Lysets, Tlumach, and Snityn. Polish-Armenians were an integral part of the movement to restore Poland’s independence after the First World War. After suffering heavy losses in the Second World War, the Polish Armenian community suffered a second loss. The regions of Poland where Armenians were concentrated, like Eastern Galicia, were annexed into the Soviet Union at the Yalta Conference. As a result, the Polish Armenian community became dispersed across Poland. Many resettled in Krakow, Gliwice, Opole, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, and Warsaw. To combat this dispersion, Armenians began to form cultural associations. Additionally, the Armenian Catholic Church opened two parishes, in Gdansk and Gliwice. There are approximately 5,000 Armenians living in Poland today.


Tatevik Galstyan

Tatevik has two Master degrees gained while studying in France, Ireland and Poland. She is an unbiased Intercultural mediator and lawyer, who acquired knowledge on how to organise discussions face to face. Due to her work experience, she possesses effective communication skills in work with vulnerable people such as victims of domestic violence, children, asylum seekers, refugees. Tatevik worked in NGO’s such as Women’s Rights Center, Soldier’s Mother, Socioscope Research Center and had internships at UNICEF, World Vision, Legal Aid Board (Ireland), Central Bank in Armenia and others. She is interested in peacebuilding, women empowerment, child protection, refugee crisis in the world. Tatevik welcomes healthy lifestyle, whereas her hobbies are fencing, boxing, Ashtanga Yoga.

Andranik Gevorgyan

For the past six years, Andranik has studied in five different countries including Armenia, Poland, Germany, China and Switzerland. Thanks to this international experience, he can communicate in five languages. Andranik specializes in Finance, Banking and Investments. His hobbies include: reading, traveling, skiing, tennis, volleyball, karate (Champion of the World, five-time champion of Armenia).

Natallia Hardziayuk

Natallia has a long track record of working experience in Finance, Accounting, and Banking. She is able to communicate in five languages including Armenian. Natallia is interested in learning more about new cultures and languages and explore the world, that is why she knows the Polish culture and its traditions very well. Her hobbies include: exploring cities and countries, adventures, sports.

Ashot Nersesyan

Ashot has studied in three countries including Armenia, Poland, and France. He has a strong passion in corporate strategies and consulting, that is why he is planning to pursue his career in consulting. Ashot is able to communicate in five languages and is not limiting himself to learn more of them in the future. His hobbies include: making photos of nature, start-up ideas, sports.

Ani Papyan

Ani earned her two Bachelor Degrees in International Relations and Cultural Studies from Yerevan State University. After completing her Eastern Partnership regional Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization, Ani was accepted to the College of Europe, where she is currently pursuing her Master studies. Never limiting herself with a university education, Ani has volunteered within different civil society organisations working on human rights/democracy promotion and youth exchange programs, completing internships with MFA Armenia, Yerevan Municipality and the US Embassy in Armenia. Ani strongly believes that coming from Armenia young leaders with a high standard of skills, a sense of self-esteem and responsibility, are more than valued, especially with the ability to contribute to building a democratic society living in a peaceful future.