SOAR - Toronto Juniors

SOAR-Toronto Juniors was established in July 2023.
Adult advisor for Toronto is Anita Koundakjian.


Anita Koundakjian
Adult Advisor and Toronto Chapter President

Loucas Koundakjian

Born and raised in Ontario with a full Armenian background, Loucas is starting to follow the paths of his mother Anita Koundakjian to make a difference in children’s lives in Armenia. As the president of SOAR Toronto junior chapter, Loucas has joined SOAR with gratitude to give to the children in Armenia who are less fortunate. Loucas is attending a French school and speaks French, English, Armenian and introductory level German and Spanish. His interests are sports, video games, traveling, watching movies with his family and baking. He has a very creative mind hoping he can use it in order to engage others to raise money for the SOAR charity.

Garbis Garabetian
Vice President

Garbis Garabetian is the great and passionate vice president of the SOAR Toronto junior chapter. Garbis currently attends Appleby college in grade ten. He was born and raised in Oakville where he currently lives. Some of his hobbies include playing soccer, and basketball. Garbis can speak Armenian, French, English, introductory Arabic, German, Mandarin and Spanish. He is a team worker who is devoted to helping Armenians all around the world.

Lilia Kheir
Public Relations Advisor

Being raised in a full Armenian household, Lilia is a young individual driven by a deep passion for her culture. Her interests include music and dance which she has been practicing since she was 3. She enjoys science and math and leads the STEM club at her school. Lilia has always felt a strong connection to her Armenian heritage. Her desire to make a difference within her Armenian community is fueled by her unwavering dedication and love for her cultural roots. With a positive mindset and an outgoing personality, Lilia aims to engage others in the SOAR charity by being the Public Relations Advisor and helping children in Armenia.

Gabriel Fatoul
Board Member

Meet Gabriel, a passionate member for the well-being and empowerment of Armenian children, dedicated to making a positive impact through his involvement with SOAR. Born and raised in Oakville Ontario, with a deep appreciation for their Armenian heritage, Gabriel recognized the immense challenges faced by many Armenian children in various aspects of their lives. Gabriel attends Holy Trinity High School in Oakville and speaks English, French and Arabic. Some of Gabriel’s interests are Sports (Basketball and Soccer), Travelling, Cooking and Watching movies with his family. He hopes he can bring his creative ideas to the table and help raise money for the SOAR charity.


Can’t attend but would still like to make a donation? All donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated!