SOAR - Sydney Chapter

Sydney joined the SOAR family in May 2015. Armenian Australians have become one of the key Armenian Diasporas around the world and among the largest in the English-speaking world. While the Armenian community in Australia is among the youngest of all Diasporas, Australia’s economic prosperity over the past decade has attracted a large number of skilled Armenian migrants. The influx of Armenians into Australia has come from many different Diaspora countries. The main concentration of Armenians in Sydney are in Ryde, Willoughby, and Warringah. Smaller communities exist in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Australians of Armenian heritage are well known in Sydney and hold an annual festival each year which attracts over 25,000 visitors. Increasingly, Australians of Armenian heritage are being recognized for their success in politics, banking & finance, and law.

The oldest and largest Armenian Church in Australia and throughout the world is the Armenian Apostolic Church, led by Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian, the Primate of the Australian and New Zealand Armenian Apostolic churches. The Armenian Catholic community is led by Father Parsegh (Basil) Sousanian. There is also a presence of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Sydney and Melbourne, in addition to the Holy Trinity Armenian Brotherhood Church and the Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church, both in Sydney.


Lilit Chakman

Lilit Chakman leads Creative Entertainment Agency with her background in negotiating, drafting and advising on commercial agreements, asset protection and intellectual property matters for clients from a diverse range of industries including entertainment, media, beauty, FMCG, retail and information technology. Her role leading CEA includes delivering high profile campaigns with the world’s most accomplished artists and talent including Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Erykah Badu, Goldie Hawn, Scott Eastwood, Rachel Zoe, Kelly Rowland, Susan Sarandon, Solange Knowles, Gabriel Macht, Natalie Imbruglia, Tina Arena and many more.