See how your sponsorship funds are put to use! Below are some of the highlights from 2018.
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December 2018

Taguhi was able to go shopping for clothes and shoes

Mushegh Mashinyan received life changing facial reconstructive surgery.
Below are pre-operative photos the day of surgery. Post operative photos coming soon!

November 2018

Both Karen (4 months old) and Eva (3 months old) were able to receive surgeries to install ventriculoperitoneal shunts to correct the serious conditions in which their skulls was rapidly growing.

Hovhanna using her braille books that sponsorship funds have provided!

Svetlana’s new home!!

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October 2018

Yervand Poghosyan from GSCC received help with transportation to Yerevan for his medical examination to have a proper evaluation, correct medication, and further proper treatment.

Manvel Andriasyan received three boxes of strips that he needs for his diabetes

A gratitude letter from the students from Ani Bezikian Center who received funds for their tuitions

September 2018

One of SOAR’s happiest success stories…the Hovsepyan brothers! The family is now able to be reunited with their father who has gained employment in Russia. Karlen’s leg is healed and he will be able to resume participating in his sports.

SOAR assisted the family for three years providing medical and nutritional support as well as their monthly rent when they were removed from the poverty benefit system. Medical examinations, support and accommodation at SOAR’s B&B were provided for Arthur when he was receiving eye treatments in Yerevan. The family was also given a boiler, gas oven, refrigerator and a washing machine during their time of need.

Taguhi from Gavar turned 16 and received money from her sponsor to go shopping for a gift!

A birthday celebration and new shoes for Moveses at Kharberd Orphanage

Food for Yervand Poghsyan of GSCC. SOAR also continues to assist Yervand with his needed medications.

This is the second year that SOAR San Francisco provided Zhanna and Hovhanna with their Braille books for the school year!

SOAR sent out an emergency sponsorship plea for Arsen Nerkararyan. His mother had passed away, and his older brother came home from his military service to care for him. BUT, they were going to lose their home, as it had been given to them by the mother’s employer, and he had hired a new employee to take her place. Arsen’s brother was unemployed, looking for work, but, without assistance, they would be homeless, and Arsen would be institutionalized.

While our intent was to raise enough funds to rent an apartment for the brothers, your response was overwhelming! Nearly $4300 was raised, and with SOAR contributing another $2500, we purchased an apartment for Arsen. They moved in September 1st! Below is the TV event and pictures of moving day. With monthly sponsorship funds also generously given, we will be able to assist the boys as they get on their feet.

A new water heater was also purchased for their new home!

August 2018

Alisa from Mer Doon was able to take courses to become a tattoo artist and received the tools she needed to begin practicing her trade

July 2018

A new sewing machine for Tatev…see below for the whole story on Tatev and her sister, Anna…

See their complete story HERE

A trip to Lake Sevan for sponsored children at Kharberd

June 2018

Manvel, Ofelia,and Vera all received their necessary strips and blood glucose meters

Artyom Baghdasaryan from GSCC received needed clothing.
The Haytyan children needed shoes and clothing so they could attend the Center, and towels so the children could attend camp. The mother also received shoes.

Nina Hakobyan from Gavar Orphanage received the lenses she needed for her eyes

May 2018

Grisha from Terchoonian Home is a very talented boy and has been able to study at the Institute of Film and Theater, department of dance art through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund

Closet for Manvel Andriasyan and his siblings.
Manvel also continues with his music classes.

Clothing and boots for Hovhannes Ghazaryan

Shoes, boots, sandals and socks to Aida Arakelyan, her siblings and mother. Their shoes were torn and worn out so their feet were getting wet because of the rain. They were crying from gratitide with this gift.

A new stove for the Hovsepyan family…Karlen was the first to try it out!

Lilit Aghabekian of SOAR Paris was able to visit her sponsored child, Eliza, who was also able to play the Kanon for them!

April 2018

Novel Kocharyan from Vanadzor has been able to take hairdressing courses

Easter greetings from some of the sponsored children at Orran and thank you notes for all that their sponsorship funds have done for them

Sponsored children from Gyumri Social Childcare Center received food assistance for their Easter celebrations…plus a little added bonus!

March 2018

Updates on the Haytyan family in their new home that was generously funded by the Shant Garabedian family. SOAR assisted with utility expenses during the winter months as well.

Manvel and his sister Karine received medical exams with the corresponding needed treatments and medications. Manvel was also provided with dental service at the SOAR Dental Clinic.

Arthur Hovsepyan is continuing his eye treatment in the Malayan Ophthalmology Center in Yerevan. The doctor was pleased with the progress with a 25% improvement and hope with his 2nd course of treatment the expected result will finally be reached.

Karlen the elder brother is doing great. He participated in a military event dedicated to the military leader, Vazgen Sargsyan, where Karlen was volunteering as a soldier in the parade.

Sasoon received his medical examination (KT) and fortunately found significant changes in his brain

New shoes for Arpine Tonoyan from CDSSC

Children from Gyumri Social Childcare Center and Community Development and Social Support Center receive their needed medications

Raffi Jehanian, SOAR Vice-Chairman, visits the sponsored children at Terchoonian Home

Eduard Toroyan is progressing with his education and making new friends. A new boiler was purchased for his family through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund so there is no longer a problem with taking showers!

Taguhi at Gavar received some gifts from her sponsor

February 2018

Anahit from Mari Izmirlyan needed eye surgery and through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund received the high quality lens needed for her procedure

Aghasi Barseghyan, a newly sponsored child at Vanadzor was able to go shopping for needed clothing. The director said that he was so happy and excited…she was sure he had never been treated this way before!

A wedding for Mariam Gavalyan of Mer Doon

Aida Arakelyan’s family received a new wardrobe for their clothes as they had nowhere to put them. Their apartment is very cold and has leaks.The few pieces of furniture they use belong to the owner of the property. Through the SOAR sponsorship fund, a new apartment is being located for the family and furnishings will be supplied as well.

January 2018

Hovhannes Ghazaryan was provided with necessary medications after having a complicated tonsil surgery.

Hovhannes Baroyan and his family had a dangerous stove explosion resulting in the loss of heat for their home in the middle of winter. Hovhannes and his family are very grateful to SOAR for the purchase of new stove!