SOAR - Sochi Chapter

Sochi joined SOAR family in August 2019. The Armenian community of Sochi is the largest ethnic minority in the city, which plays a crucial role in social and political life of the coastal resort. The first Armenian settlers appeared in the Sochi district in the mid 60s of the 20th century. They came from Turkey at the suggestion of agronomist I.A. Khatisov. Later there were several more flows of refugees: in 1882 and especially in 1905 and during the genocide. After the Spitak earthquake, the number of Armenians in the city also increased. According to official data, there are about 150 thousand people in the millionth city, according to unofficial data – every fifth person is Armenian. In some large villages in Sochi, Armenians constitute more than half of the population.


Seda Stepanyan

Seda was born in Russia and received her Master’s degree in Journalism from Lomonosov Moscow State University. Being very interested in the field of education, afterwards, she gained her PhD in Philology and worked in the University for more than 10 years. Her main activities and responsibilities included delivering lectures and seminars, conducting research, managing educational projects, organizing events, etc. Three years ago Seda decided to realize her dream – to study creative documentary film making. After finishing Documentary Film and Theatre School of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov she came back to her hometown Sochi to work on her own documentary projects. Seda is also currently working for consulting company Zest Leadership. By getting involved in SOAR, she wishes to share her knowledge and experience to support Armenian community. Seda speaks Russian, English, Armenian and Spanish.