SOAR - Philadelphia Metro Juniors

SOAR-Philadelphia Metro Juniors was established in October 2013.
Parent advisor for Philadelphia Metro Juniors is Sarah Selverian.


Sarah Selverian
Adult Advisor

Sareen Minasian

Nare Minasian
Vice President

Liliana Yacoubian
Co-Social Media Director

Sophie Yacoubian
Co-Social Media Director

Seta B.

Tiffany Selverian

Tessa Yacoubian


September 18, 2021

SOAR Philadelphia Juniors Carwash Fundraiser for Our Lady of Armenia Center

June 1st-8, 2021

SOAR Philadelphia Junior group BINGO fundraiser for Our Lady of Armenia Summer Camp

Philly Juniors Ice Skating Fundraiser

February 2020

SOAR Philadelphia Junior group Ice Skating Fundraiser

October 2019

SOAR Philadelphia Junior group hosting a “Flapjack Fundraiser”

March 2019

SOAR Philadelphia Junior group hosted an Ice Skating Fundraiser

August 2018

An award dinner for Lena Bardakjian who was chosen as the SOAR Junior Volunteer of the Year for 2017 for her pilot project, “Yes OO Tu//You and Me”. The project was established to promote a sense of individuality in Armenian youth.

Lena is a board member of the SOAR Phildelphia Junior chapter.