Association pour l'aide des Orphelins Arméniens

Paris joined the SOAR family in December 2012. Armenians in France are ethnic Armenians living within the modern republic of France. Like much of the Armenian Diaspora, most Armenians immigrated to France after the Armenian Genocide of 1915. After the end of the First World War, many survivors, including orphans, lived in the French-occupied part of the Ottoman Empire, Cilicia, and the future French Mandate territories of Syria and Lebanon. When French troops retreated in 1921 behind the present-day Turkish-Syrian border, most Cilician Armenians fled and resettled in refugee camps in Alexandria, Aleppo, Ainjar, and Beirut. From there, entire families fled to France. The Armenian refugees and orphans crammed into Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon, arrived by the boatloads to Marseille and journeyed to the mines and factories around Marseille, Valence, Grenoble, Lyon, and Paris. There, a quarter of a million Armenians settled into tight little communities of between 2,000 and 4,000 people. The foundations of the Armenian community in France had been set. Today, Armenian classes are organized in many localities with full bilingual kindergartens and primary schools near Paris and Marseille attended by several thousand children and youths.


Astrik Gabrielyan

Astrik Gabrielyan is an experienced professional in Human Resources Management and leadership development with international scope. In parallel to her professional career as an HR, she got certified as an Executive Coach of Organisations at HEC Paris school and Leadership Coach at International Coach Federation.

She moved to Paris in 2016 pursuing her career promotion at Orange Group and stays strongly connected to Armenia through various projects. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Yerevan State University and Honor’s Diploma in Primary School Education from Yerevan State Pedagogical University.

Projects linked to children are of particular significance for her, she is happy to join SOAR and support its mission in Armenia.

Lena Kocharyan

After her psychology studies, Lena switched to MBA specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Managment, graduating in Barcelona. For two years Lena worked in a property management company that specialized in short and long term vacation rentals. Currently she holds the position of Regional Operations and quality manager.

Lena strives to establish links with Armenian cultural centers in Europe and with the Ministry of Diaspora.

Taguhi Manvelyan

Pic and Bio coming soon