SOAR - Oxbridge Chapter

Oxbridge (spanning Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom) became part of the SOAR family in August 2014. The first Armenian community in Britain was formed in Manchester in the 19th century. Comprised of textile traders, small manufacturers and retailers, the first Armenian Church was opened in 1870. The Armenian population in Great Britain is approximately 18,000, living primarily in London and Manchester. There is a growing Armenian population in Oxford and Cambridge.

The Cambridge University Armenian Society [CUARMS] promotes Armenian culture and Armenian Language in Cambridge, assists students of Armenian origin in pursuing their academic and professional endeavours at the University of Cambridge, creates social network for students of Armenian origin and for those with connections or interest in Armenia, and facilitates interaction and dialogue between members of the university who are interested in Armenia. The Oxford University Armenian Society (OUAS) at the University of Oxford cultivates an understanding and appreciation of Armenian culture, heritage and history through cultural, educational, and social activities.


Rita Cherchian

Rita Cherchian reads Law as an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford. Her Armenian roots extend across Turkey, Lebanon, Cyprus and Iran. She was born and raised in London, but can read, write and speak Western Armenian. Having been brought up in an Armenian household, surrounded by the country’s rich literature and language, she takes pride in her cultural heritage and is keen to give back to the Armenian community in whatever capacity she can.

Rita is interested in corporate law and finance and aspires to become a commercial lawyer. Beyond her legal aspirations, she enjoys skiing, figure skating, art and fashion. In pursuing academic excellence and cultural enrichment, Rita aspires to bridge her Armenian heritage with her passion for law and community service.