Growing up in a residential care institution may not adequately prepare a child for transition to adulthood. Children who grow up in orphanages often lack effective communication skills and are unable to build healthy relationships with peers and adults. The obstacles rooted in their institutional experience make finding a job, living independently, and becoming a contributing member of society difficult. In light of these circumstances, the Orphan Transitional Fund was created in June 2016 to assist children transitioning from an institutional environment to independent living. 

Chapter volunteers work directly with young adults in Armenia as they transition to independent living, offering mentorship in the areas of education, interview coaching, job training and placement, counseling, and financial planning. 

The Fund has four primary components:

  1. Opportunities for advanced education or specialized job training.
  2. Financial assistance with housing and daily living expenses to facilitate independent living.
  3. Psychological counseling.
  4. Internships and job placement, including interview coaching.