SOAR - Northridge Chapter

Northridge became part of the SOAR family in August 2021. Northridge is in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County. The community is home to California State University, Northridge, the Northridge Fashion Center, as well as Los Angeles’ former historic roller-skating rink, Northridge Skateland. Originally named Zelzah by settlers in 1908, the community was renamed North Los Angeles in 1929, but this caused confusion between North Hollywood and Los Angeles. In 1938, civic leaders decided to rename the community to Northridge Village, which morphed into modern-day Northridge. Northridge touches Porter Ranch and Granada Hills on the north, North Hills on the east, Van Nuys on the southeast, Lake Balboa and Reseda on the south, and Winnetka and Chatsworth on the west.


Takouhi Sarian

Born in France, and raised in Los Angeles, Takouhi Sarian is a Marketing and Product Development Executive in the beauty and personal care industry. She obtains an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing.

Being a devoted Christian and mother she has always wanted to be the change, and make a change the world needs. “We will follow Jesus’ example by showing a child that they have value in our eyes and in the eyes of God; and we will make this commitment through SOAR”.

Takouhi has lead many teams and grown many brands through her Marketing, Social Media, and Branding strategic efforts. Career-wise her passion is continuing to develop companies to their full potential. In her personal time, her passion is staying connected to the Armenian community, loving her family and fulfilling one of her life’s purposes – to help people, however she can through God’s strength.