SOAR - Moscow Chapter

SOAR-Moscow launched in February 2012. Russia possesses the largest Armenian population outside of Armenia, home to approximately 3 million Armenians, with more than 1 million Armenians, including seasonal workers, in Moscow alone. The Armenian Diaspora is the fourth largest ethnic diaspora in Moscow, after Ukrainians, Jews, and Tartars. The dissolution of the Soviet Union, the economic blockade of Armenia, and the war in Artsakh caused a powerful stream of migration to Moscow (as well as other Russian cities and towns). In Moscow, the Armenian Diaspora has formed a multifaceted and versatile layer that touches nearly every aspect of society. The Armenian Diaspora of Moscow has a history of about 600 years (the city itself is 800 years old), and the city’s cultural and educational life has been influenced by Armenians, beginning with the princely family of the Lazarevs, who promoted the resettlement of Armenians to Moscow in the 17th and 18th centuries. Armenian Yevgeniy Vakhtangov, the founder of a popular theater that now bears his name, and two great Armenian composers of the 20th century – Arno Babajanian and Aram Khachaturian – lived and created in Moscow.


Laura Minasyan

Laura is a Director of Business Development and Client Service at an international financial organization.

Born in Tsaghkadzor (Armenia), raised in Gyumri (Armenia), she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from the GSPI (now Shirak State University). Laura started her Masters in Film and TV Directing at the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography (Gyumri branch) in 2010, but left for Moscow (Russia) chasing her dreams.

Back in Armenia, Laura was a part of S.P.F.A. Gyumri and was responsible for the library, as well as one of the responsible persons for the travels organized for the children attending the free courses of the non-profit organization. Till this day, she supports the organization and pays a visit each time she is in Armenia.

Elen Oganisyan

Elen was born in Kapan, Armenia. When she was only 4 years old her family moved to Moscow, where she finished high school. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Moscow State University and then got the Master’s degree in Marketing. At this moment Elen is a Marketing manager in the fashion retail company. She would like to make the world a little kinder and help the children, who need support.

Mariam Hovsepian

Mariam was born in Goris, Armenia. Her parents were also born in Goris, but at the age of three Mariam and her family had to move to Yerevan, as her father received a job offer, as he worked for military. The pay was very little, however, and it was almost impossible to support the family, so the decision was made to move to Moscow. Every year she would visit Armenia on summer holidays. Along with high school, she was admitted to a British banking college in Moscow. Having successfully completed both the college and high school, she was admitted to People’s Friendship University of Russia and has been developing a bakery business. Despite studies and maintenance of business, she has been always motivated by volunteering. Nothing energizes her with emotions like supporting children, who are sincerely in need of warmth and support, just as she is in need of the warmth they express towards her.

Ruben Melkonian

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Lamara Petrossian

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Anna Petrosyan

Anna was born in Gyumri, Armenia, but her family moved to Moscow when she was 5 years old. In 2016 Anna graduated from Moscow State University of International Relations and is now pursuing her Master’s degree in International Finance at Columbia University. Volunteering has played a major role in her life. She has been involved in various volunteer activities since the age of 14 and once she came to realize what a superpower volunteering is, she couldn’t stay away. From organizing recycling drives in a country that has no societal understanding of environmental protection, to starting an English club for unprivileged middle-school children at the Russian State library, Anna tried to get involved however she could. Now as a part of SOAR, Anna would like to make a change in her home country.