SOAR - Madrid Chapter

Madrid became part of the SOAR family in April 2018. There are approximately 50,000 Armenians in Spain today, living primarily in Valencia (14,000), Barcelona (12,000), and Madrid (8,000). The first Armenian Church was opened in a small town near Barcelona in August 2009. Most Armenians in Spain speak Spanish, Armenian, Persian, and Arabic, and most belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.


Arman Harutyunyan

Arman was born in Georgia in 1986 and then raised in Armenia. He studied at SEUA where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 2007. After graduation, Arman started making computer games on the Facebook platform and later also for Mobile Platforms. In 2013, he held a summer school class in TUMO for two weeks teaching children how to make computer games. Recently Arman has moved to Madrid to discover more opportunities.

Lilit Manukyan

Growing up in good old Yerevan, she spent most of her childhood playing piano. Since it was never her desire to become a professional musician, she focused on her academic training in the following years. She studied Philology at Yerevan State University, but after countless hours in the library she decided, that it would be better to manage research projects. She received her Master’s degree in Project Management at IE Business School and during that time she was writing her PhD Project. She managed to defend her PhD in 2015.

The Research Groups and Centers desperately need more and more help to obtain funding from private and public sources. During these last few years she has been a liaison between scientists and financial agencies. Her role is to help scientific groups not only obtain funding for their research, but also save time (groups won’t need to do fundraising on their part).

Resuming: She is Research Projects Manager with 9+ years program management experience, possessing strong understanding of research and innovation programs.