SOAR - Javakh Chapter

Javakh joined the SOAR family in April 2012. Javakh, an Armenian enclave, is the most underdeveloped and impoverished region of Georgia. It has the highest rate of unemployment and the lowest rate of state investment in the country. There is no industry, and agriculture is primitive. The roads and infrastructure in the region are non-existent, and it is easier to reach Armenia (to the South) than Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. Javakh is a geographic, economic and political island, almost cut off from the rest of the world. The Javakh Chapter serves as a liaison to the local population SOAR supports. The Javakh Summer Day Camp is directed by Very Rev. Fr. Babken Salibyan of Holy Cross Armenian Church and is located in the Diocese Center of the Holy Cross Armenian Church in Akhakalak, Georgia. The camp serves approximately 250 healthy Armenian children, who are mostly social orphans, living at or below poverty level in the nearby villages.