September is dedicated to our fallen and severely wounded soldiers and POWs.

Sponsor a family to ensure that no children of fallen Armenian soldiers are ever institutionalized and that the service and sacrifices made by these Armenian service personnel are never taken for granted. Help us help these families overcome their obstacles and guide them through their darkest times.


September 2nd – Artsakh Independence Day

September 21 – Armenia Independence Day

September 27 – 2-Year Anniversary of the 2020 Artsakh War

Family of Mher Baghdasaryan

Wife: Narine

Children: Gevorg – 7; Mark – 2


Family of Valentin Burnsuzyan

Wife: Narine

Children: Anahit – 11; Twins Mane and Shavarsh – 9


Family of Aram Danielyan

Wife: Hermine

Children: Mariam – 13; Levon – 11 (diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis)

Family of Arthur Grigoryan

Wife: Tehmine

Children: Artashes – 16; Angelina – 9 (diagnosed with Down Syndrome)


Family of Vahram Hovhannisyan

Wife: Lusine

Children: Vardan – 22; Hayk – 17; Astghik – 6

Family of Armen Khachatryan

Wife: Gayane

Children: Sargis – 17; Tigran – 13 (multiple physical disabilities)

Family of Levon Shagunts

Wife: Manya

Children: Gagik – 8; Artyom – 7; Valerik – 5 (physical and mental disabilities); Romella – 1 (physical disabilities)

Family of Grigori Tumasyan

Wife: Arina

Children: Alen – 10; Levon – 7