SOAR - Harrisburg Chapter

Harrisburg joined the SOAR family in May 2018. The history of Harrisburg, the state capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has played a key role in the development of the nation’s industrial history, from its origins as a trading outpost to the present. During part of the 19th century, the building of the Pennsylvania Canal and the Pennsylvania Railroad, allowed Harrisburg to become one of the most industrialized cities in the Northeastern United States.


Serge Terzian

Serge was born in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Atlanta, GA after emigrating to the US at the age of 10. He migrated North in 2020 settling in Harrisburg, PA where he now resides with his wife and two sons. He holds a B.B.A in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia and works as a Sr Solution Consultant at ServiceNow. Working primarily with healthcare systems, Serge has had the opportunity to learn more about the area and the inner workings of Pennsylvania’s providers to help them to grow and optimize their business as well as user experiences.

When Serge is not busy helping healthcare communities, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and cheering on his favorite sports teams. Serge is very excited to be involved in the Armenian Community and the Harrisburg chapter of SOAR.