SOAR - Gyumri Chapter

Gyumri became part of the SOAR family in December 2014. In an effort to maintain strict accountability and transparency in Armenia, we welcome several new Board members whose roles involve primarily quality assurance. We define “quality assurance” as planned and systematic activities, implemented within our communication and distribution system, to assure that our tangible distributions (goods and services) are fulfilled. SOAR-Gyumri liaisons to Children’s Home of Gyumri, Gyumri Social Childcare Center, Orphanage of Fridtjof Nansen, the Our Lady of Armenia Center, the Our Lady of Armenia Summer Camp, and Terchoonian Home.


Hripsime Muradyan

Hripsime graduated from Yerevan State University with a master’s degree in English Language and Philology. In 2007, she began working for Gyumri Social Child Care Center, implementing various projects and programs to support children at risk. In 2013, she was appointed the position of Project Coordinator with the “Little Prince” Day Care Center where she managed programs for families and children at risk in the Gyumri community. In 2016, Hripsime began working for SOAR and has served as SOAR Executive Director since 2017. In June 2022, Hripsime was awarded a Letter of Gratitude for Cooperation from Armenia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for her tireless child protection work. Her inspiration is seeing firsthand the significant changes institutionalized children (with and without disabilities) experience as they become as independent as possible in their daily lives.

Artur Aleksanyan


Lusine Avagyan

Lusine Avagyan started her career as a linguist and English language teacher. Being engaged in different youth groups implementing different initiatives and exchange programs. Nowadays she is mostly engaged in tourism sphere. Being local guide in Shirak region and Gyumri she is aimed to raise touristic flows in the city, to make it more prominent. She is also cofounder of “CreateOn” hospitality, tourism and art academy in Gyumri aiming to provide qualified local guides and HORECA sector employees for the city.

Artur Manukyan


Laura Minasyan

Born in Tsaghkadzor and raised in Gyumri, Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from the GSPI (currently Shirak State University). Laura started her Masters in Film and TV Directing at the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography in 2010 but left her studies to work in the investment sector in Moscow (Russia).

Currently, Laura is back in Armenia where she runs her company and looking for new projects to join.

Laura also was a part of S.P.F.A. Gyumri for many years and was responsible for the library, as well as one of the responsible persons for the travels organized for the children attending the free courses of the non-profit organization.

Avetiq Sahakyan



Tatev Tumasyan

Tatev started as a volunteer with SOAR in the “Fairy Tale” program. She has a background is in social work. As a student, she is involved in many different projects and programs for vulnerable children! Tatev is an author of many articles about different organizations who deal with children at risk in the Shirak Community. Since 2018, Tatev has been coordinating the activities of the SOAR Dental Clinic in Gyumri. In 2019, she was hired for the Coordinator’s position of the clinic. Tatev is grateful that SOAR has changed so many lives of the children and people who need support!

Liana Unusyan