SOAR is proud to announce the establishment of the George and Sara Yacoubian Embroidery Memorial Scholarship, established by George S. Yacoubian, Jr., in memory of George and Sara Yacoubian, George’s paternal grandparents. The Fund, which is endowed with a $500.00 annual donation each calendar year, is earmarked exclusively for the embroidery trade at the Our Lady of Armenia Center in Gyumri.

George Yacoubian was born on June 20, 1902. He and Sara Yacoubian, who was born on December 24, 1908, were married on February 15, 1928. They opened Lansdowne Cleaners at 267 N. Wycombe Ave in Lansdowne, PA, in the 1940s. They had three children – Anita Atoulikian, George S. Yacoubian, and Richard Yacoubian. Though George Yacoubian passed away in February 1965, the store was owned and operated by the Yacoubian family until the 1980s. Sara Yacoubian passed away on April 6, 1991. The store at 267 N. Wycombe Ave remains a dry cleaning establishment to this day.