The idea of the project,” Linum e, chi linum” was created by a group of young people who have love and devotion for those children who need attention and inspiration. With the help of children’s favorite fairy tales, the volunteers of “Linum e chi linum” will try to help them by individual approach. Mainly, they will try to activate the children who are passive in communication, will find the best option for hyperactive and aggressive children to drain their energy, to develop their flexible thinking, contribute to the creation of imaginative thinking and to provide a special targeted approach to each child as a result of joint work with the psychologist of the current institution.

The first meeting is with the real “heroes”. The acquaintance with the children is aimed to create a warm and close relationship, which guarantees the realization of the project.


During the last fairytale meeting small gifts (blankets) were distributed that had been sent by kind grandmothers of adopted children from this orphanage!

The group of young people at another Fairy Tale time at Children’s Home Gyumri

Fairy tale time again at Children’s Home Gyumri

First Fairy Tale Program at Children’s Home of Gyumri…and more fairy tale time!