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At SOAR, we value every gift we receive from our corporate donors. We would love to demonstrate how your business can make the most of your philanthropic dollars by partnering with SOAR.

SOAR is the world’s only charitable organization devoted exclusively to helping orphaned Armenian children – one of the most vulnerable populations in Armenia.

With nearly 20 years of child protection expertise, SOAR’s humanitarian work with orphaned Armenian children and adults with disabilities are unmatched. Through a loyal and trusted network of donors, SOAR has sponsored hundreds of children and families and distributed more than $13 million since 2005.

Advantages of Corporate Giving

    • Brand Building: Enhances the public image of your business to cultivate deeper ties within the community.


    • Increased Sales, Customer Loyalty, and Employee Engagement: Studies show that customers and employees prefer businesses that give back, increasing sales and creating a charitable business culture.


    • Tax Advantages: Charitable contributions made through your business may have greater tax savings. Consult your tax advisor today!

There is no better feeling than giving a hand to those in need.  In the words of Sevan, a 12-year-old orphan SOAR sponsors in Lebanon, “I am thankful that SOAR has helped me all these years to go to school and learn. I have been at Birds’ Nest for eight years and I am grateful to all who helped me, including you! Thank you a lot! May God bless you and always be with you. Please don’t forget me.

SOAR has a robust corporate giving program in place, including a full suite of corporate benefits to promote your business worldwide. With your assistance, the orphaned Armenians SOAR supports can fulfill their potential as healthy, responsible, and engaged members of our community.

Learn more about our corporate giving program.

We look forward to working closely with you to meet your philanthropic goals while helping raise awareness for SOAR. Please direct inquiries to George S. Yacoubian, Jr., at