SOAR - Copenhagen Chapter

Copenhagen joined the SOAR family in May 2014. In the modern era, Armenians began settling in Denmark in 1970, coming from Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Armenia. In 1983, Armenians established an Armenian Cultural Union that aimed to unite Armenians of Denmark and preserve the Armenian identity, language, and culture. The Armenian Cultural Union operated until 1992 when it gradually slowed down its activities due to the dispersion of Armenians across Denmark and the immigration of Lebanese and Iranian Armenians to the United States and Canada. In 2005, the Danish-Armenian Association and “Nectar” Armenian cultural organization made efforts to organize the community life. The members of these organizations are Armenian immigrants who want to create an Armenian ambiance, preserve the Armenian language and culture, and introduce Danes to Armenia and the Armenian culture. The 3,000 Armenians who live in Denmark today are primarily centered in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense.


Anush Bagratunjan

Anush Bagratunjan was born in Yerevan, Armenia but left Armenia as a child with her parents to live in Denmark. She currently resides in Copenhagen with her husband and baby, but still has the majority of her family members living in Yerevan. She visits them often and knows her way around Armenia quite well.

After receiving her master’s degree in  Engineering Design she has worked in the Danish public sector as a project manager and consultant in numerous technology projects aimed at improving social and health care services. She is currently the manager in several software automation projects for Copenhagen City.

During the past few year, Anush has been engaged in arranging creative projects for child refugees in Danish asylum centers.

Julieta Andriasyan

Julieta was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She studied Biology at Yerevan State University and continued on at National Institute of Health of Armenia specializing in Clinical Microbiology . After graduation, Julieta worked in a Maternity Hospital as a Bacteriologist. She has also been a researcher in Food Safety and Medical Microbiology. In 2012 Julieta got a scholarship for her Master’s studies in Food Science and Technology and studied at the University of Copenhagen and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 2014 she moved to Copenhagen and lives there with her husband.

Astghik Hovhannisyan

Astghik was born in Yerevan, Armenia, where she received her higher degree in English and Area Studies from the Yerevan State Institute of Foreign Languages. For many years Astghik has worked in humanitarian field managing child and the elderly protection programs sponsored by Diaspora Armenians. Her working experience also includes a significant period of time in one of the biggest companies in Armenia (Beeline Armenia, telecommunication field), where she has been responsible for staff recruitment and career development.

Regardless of her changes in her working field, Astghik has always been involved in supporting the needy children in Armenia through a private individual from the USA. They have been helping the children from a specific needy family, enabling them to be able to finish secondary school, learn English, obtain an education and find employment.

Astghik relocated to Denmark in 2016. She is married and has a daughter. Astghik’s ties with Armenia are still strong, as her parents and siblings with their children live in Armenia, which makes her visits to Armenia quite frequent.

Arthur Kosakian

Arthur was born in Yerevan, but has lived in Denmark since 1992. He studied economics at Copenhagen University and went on to graduate from CBS (Copenhagen Business School) in Business Administration HD.

Arthur is currently working on differenet business projects in Denmark and Italy. He is also active in supporting humanitarian projects.

Hasmik Margaryan

Hasmik was born in Yerevan and graduated from the State Engineering University of Armenia in 1993 as a Mining Engineer. In 1995, she earned her Master’s Degree and continued on for her PhD from the same University. Hasmik moved to Copenhagen and in 2000 began working in different municipalities as an Environmental Engineer. In 2012 she became a project manager at Tårnbyforsyning A/S. Projects working with the water supply, district heating supply and sewer utilities systems.

Hasmik is married and has two boys, aged 6 and 14 years. Her sister lives in Yerevan, so she travels to Armenia frequently.

Lusine Nazaryan

Lusine was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. She graduated with her Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Biology of Yerevan State University. After graduating, she began working at the Center of Medical Genetics (Yerevan, Armenia) and was there for five years as a clinical cytogeneticist for detecting and analyzing hereditary diseases and abnormalities. In 2008 Lusine was admitted to Copenhagen University to perform her PhD project in Medical Genetics, where she specialized in high resolution next-generation sequencing technologies. These have very broad applications in genetic studies and diagnostics. She earned her PhD and is currently working at the Kennedy Center (Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark) as a Post Doctoral researcher.

Lusine is also actively involved in the Copenhagen International Christian Community, where she volunteers as a small group leader and as a teacher in the Children’s Sunday School. She also supports Kiteng African Charity organization in providing primary school education for children in Uganda, as well as in Madagascar.

Lusine’s parents and sisters live in Yerevan and she visits them three times a year to spend her Christmas, Easter and summer holidays in a warm Armenian family environment.