SOAR - Antwerp Chapter

SOAR-Antwerp became part of the SOAR family in April 2018. There are approximately 11,000 Armenians in Belgium today. The earliest records of Armenians in Belgium date to the 4th century, when Armenian priests, merchants, and intellectuals dropped anchor in Belgian ports. By the late 15th century, Armenians had established a hospice, and Armenian merchants started exporting cotton goods, spices, perfumes and other materials to markets in the East. The size of the Armenian community did not start growing considerably until the end of the First World War and the forced mass exodus of Armenians from Turkey following the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Armenians were known for trading diamonds, rugs, and tobacco. An Armenian church, “Eglise Armenienne Apostolique Sainte Marie-Madeleine” is the main church of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox community. It is related to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The church structure was erected and consecrated in May 1990.


Gevorg Shahinyan

Gevorg was born in Gyumri, Armenia. He moved to Belgium in 2010 with his parents. He continued his schooling in Belgium. He studied at the University of Ghent and graduated as Msc. in Business Economics in 2021. He is currently working as a Risk Manager for one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe (Oosterweelverbinding in Antwerp). His hobbies are motorsport, chess and travel.

Gevorg speaks Armenian, Dutch, French and English fluently and can also speak Russian.