The Nover Gulekjian Memorial Scholarship for Science, English or Math studies, is established by her children, Sira and Dr. Jacques Gulekjian, in honor of SOAR’s Zurich chapter. Each year $250.00 is awarded exclusively for an Armenian orphaned child in Lebanon who shows exemplary academic potential and ambition . 

Nover was born in Cilicia in 1921, settled in Beirut, Lebanon in 1925, where she spent most of her adult life. In 1977, Lebanon’s war forced her to move countries, finally to Fort Lee, New Jersey to unite with her son, daughter, and grandchild, Tania.  She was a dedicated mother and worked as a seamstress throughout her lifetime, spending extra hours helping Armenian causes.  Education was her driving priority which she instilled in her family values. She passed away gracefully at 95 years of age in January 2017.

This scholarship fund is open for children age 12-18 in need of support in the areas of Math, Science and English. Each year, $250.00 is awarded to the one who demonstrates above average performance in academic transcript, CV and written mission statement up to 250 words on personal or professional goals. Please send your applications by July 1st to or
SOAR Zurich in collaboration with SOAR USA will review them and award one scholarship winner each year.